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         Eits   of   Great   Taste

          EITS CAFE, NOW A POPULAR         You’ll find it at the 17 Mile Post
          DINING EXPERIENCE FOR            tucked away in the scenic Blue
          LOCALS AND VISITORS              Mountain Range basking in the
          ALIKE, IS NO LONGER              shadow of New Castle and Holywell
          HIDDEN BUT DEFINITELY            National Park just two miles away.
          REMAINS A PRECIOUS GEM.          EITS is actually an acronym for
                                           Europe In the Summer and
                                           presents a culinary journey that
                                           keeps guests coming back to the
                                           family-owned restaurant, one of
                                           three experiences available on
                                           the property which is also home
                                           to a guest house and farm. Taste
                                           the fresh air and herbs of Irish
                                           Town with the distinct flavours
                                           and textures of European cuisine.
                                           Catering for most palates, this spot
                                           is a favourite among vegans who
                                           appreciate the organic farm-to-
                                           table ingredients that make each
                                           meal a memory. This is a must-eat
                                           stop on your next visit to Jamaica,
                                           no regrets guaranteed.

                                           For more information visit

          6                    J AMAIC A CRUISING  ISSUE #3
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