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Message from the

                                                                  I want to personally thank our industry partners,
                                                                  attraction and tour operators, transportation provid-
                                                                  ers, small business owners and most importantly,
                                                                  the workers who have displayed an unparalleled
                                                                  level of commitment in the face of hardships while
                                                                  continuing to deliver world-class experiences. I

                     While our ports might                        encourage us all to welcome 2021 with optimism
                                                                  and hope. Here in Jamaica, we look forward to a safe
                   be closed, our hearts and                      return to cruising and working with our partners
                     hands remain open...                         across the world. While our ports might be closed,
                                                                  our hearts and hands remain open with our various
                                                                  teams trained and ready to provide the signature
             I                                                    Thank you for choosing Jamaica and we can’t
                                                                  warm and memorable Jamaican hospitality.

                   t has been my pleasure to serve the people
                                                                  wait to see you soon!
                   of Jamaica and our valued visitors as a leader
                   in the tourism industry for over 54 years.
                   Against the backdrop of that five-decade
             long experience, I can confidently say that 2020
             was the most challenging year for us in all the ways   Mr. Bert Wright
             that other sectors across the world felt the impact   Jamaica Vacations Limited (JAMVAC)
             of a global pandemic. In the midst of this crisis,
             we choose to focus on possibilities, collaboration
             and opportunities. What’s the alternative? In some
             ways, COVID19 has pushed us to carve out a new
             and improved experience for visitors with a keen
             focus on enhanced safety from port to pleasure
             and activated the linkages among key stakehold-
             ers that will help us to not only survive the current
             challenges but to strengthen our value proposition
             as a preferred destination.

                                               BE IN THE KNO W  .  E X P ERIENCE OUR C UL T URE                   3
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