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T                                                        discussions, wellness

                  he first virtual edition
                                                                     Dynamic panel
                  of the Jamaica Health
                  and Wellness Tourism
                  Conference was staged
        from November 18-20, 2020 with                         demos and exhibits and
                                                               matchmaking sessions
        this fact as a major point of
        discussion toward action.                                 were well received.

        This conference, the brainchild of
        the Tourism Linkages Network,
        a division of the Tourism
        Enhancement Fund (TEF), is
        aligned with Jamaica’s Ministry
        of Tourism strategic focus on
        diversifying the tourism product to
        appeal to the needs of a new type
        of traveller - Gen C. The global travel
        and hospitality market has shifted
        and Jamaica is positioning itself
        to welcome travellers in tune with
        leading a healthy and balanced
        life while seeking new experiences
        and adventures in destinations
        with ethical operations positively
        impacting people, planet and
        With 33% of the world’s medicinal
        plants being endemic to Jamaica,
        paired with our healing hills and
        positive vibes, the future for
        attracting such visitors in greater
        numbers is bright. The conference
        has been hailed as a success in
        terms of engagement and impact.
        Dynamic panel discussions,
        wellness demos and exhibits and
        matchmaking sessions were well
        received. President of the Jamaica
        Hotel and Tourist Association
        (JHTA), Mr Clifton Reader is
        confident about Jamaica’s future
        in this area. “When you look at the
        economic viability of this area, it
        is tremendous and Jamaica is so
        poised with all the facilities we
        have.” We couldn’t agree more!

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