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Historic Falmouth

The historic port of Falmouth is a must-visit with it’s beautiful scenery and rich architectural heritage. Conveniently nestled between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Falmouth is a quick trip away from some of Jamaica’s most magical attractions and experiences.

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Swamp Safari
Swamp Safari
Glistening Water
Glistening Water

Artisan Village
Artisan Village

Get up close and personal with Jamaica’s history over a cool glass of coconut water or high tea at Good Hope Estate overlooking the Queen of Spain Valley. The perfect end to any trip…delicious Jamaican food, seasoned to perfection and catering to all.


Dolphin COve
Dolphin Cove
Historical Falmouth
HIstoric Port of Falmouth

Historic Falmouth

This is the perfect port stop for adventurous visitors or members of the wanderlust club seeking out breathtaking views from the shoreline to the mountains. Whether horseback riding at Chukkah Beach, rafting on the Martha Brae, or live reggae music at Water Square, something special is on offer for everyone.

876 Legend Beach Club
876 Legend Beach Club

Bunkers Hill
Bunker's Hill

The Shoppes at Rose Hall
The Shoppes at Rose Hall

A little bit of history

Falmouth is the chief town and capital of the parish of Trelawny in Jamaica. It is situated on Jamaica's north coast 18 miles east of Montego Bay. It is noted for being one of the Caribbean's best-preserved Georgian towns.
During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Falmouth was one of the busiest ports in Jamaica. It was home to masons, carpenters, tavern-keepers, mariners, planters and others.

It was a wealthy town in a wealthy parish with a rich racial mix. Within the parish, nearly one hundred plantations were actively manufacturing sugar and rum for export to Britain. Jamaica, during this period, had become the world's leading sugar producer. 

Info & Services

Sangster International Airport is 3.1 km from the seaport.

Pilotage, water, provisions.
Position: 18°30N, 77°39W.

Agents alert Pilotage Depatment on ship’s ETA and ETD at least 12 hours before required time. Pilot boards and guides ship in and out of channel. Pilotage charges are calculated according to grt.

Falmouth Hospital is 1.2 km from the port.

Provisions: Available.
Tenders: Tender service is not available.
Towage: Not available.

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