Historic Falmouth Cruise Port

Historic Cruise Port Falmouth

Historic Falmouth Cruise Port

Historic Falmouth Cruise Port terminal offers everything from upscale jewelry shops to American chain restaurants and souvenir stores—it’s also entirely wheelchair accessible.

Keep an eye out for the stone cage in Falmouth harbour—it was built to hold drunk and disorderly sailors.

The port is the pickup and drop-off point for many island-wide tours.

Glistening Water

Glistening Water

This place is MAGICAL!!! Glistening Waters is a glowing lagoon on the north coast of Jamaica. This marvel is only found in 4 places in the world, however, this lagoon is the brightest of them all due to more consistent climate.

Here, the fresh water from the Martha Brae River meets the salt-water ocean and this amazing creation is formed. The water is filled with phosphorous which allows it to illuminate so brilliantly when disturbed.

The glow is formed from small microorganisms that emit a flash of light when touched. The microscopic organisms live and create a natural phenomenon, known as bioluminescence. Jamaica’s luminous lagoon being the brightest of them all amazes scientists and visitors worldwide.

Try to dip your hand or foot in the water. You will see the water light up around you. You will even see fish swim around and blue light surround them. Once the boat is far out enough, you may get the option to swim and I encourage a few of you to do so.

Swamp Safari

Have an up-close adventure with reptiles, birds and mammals at the Jamaica Swamp Safari Village, which was also used a filming site for a scene in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die. The safari village was originally started in 1968 as a crocodile farm, but in recent years it has been redeveloped as a wildlife preserve.

Today it is home to more than 150 American crocodiles, and native island species like the Jamaican yellow snake and the rare Jamaican coney, a small guinea-pig-like mammal found only in Jamaica. An aviary boasts some 200 birds from around the island and the world, and you can walk past enclosures with creatures like wild boar, agouti, and spotted paca. At this interactive park you can also touch and hold some animals, including baby crocodiles, and you can catch the crocodile show to watch a crocodile handler call, feed and interact with full-grown crocodiles.

Foreshore Road, Falmouth, Jamaica, Ph. +1-876-954-3065

Dolphin Cove

One of the many things that make Dolphin Cove Jamaica special is that you can live the experience of swimming with dolphins in the natural Caribbean Sea. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy the company of different fish, rays, and other forms of natural sea life. Dolphin Cove Jamaica is the place to spend the day enjoying lots of fun activities. There is truly something for everyone!

Dolphin Cove Jamaica is full of natural wonders and beauty you gotta see for yourself! In Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios you’ll enjoy strolling around in the Jungle Trail, where you will notice many different wild animals, plants, and trees. At Dolphin Cove Jamaica we respect the environment of all the species, here you will live the most natural experience you’ve ever had. 

 Dolphin Cove Montego Bay, Carr. A1  Ph. +1- 876-974-5335


Located in some of the most celebrated Caribbean ports, Margaritaville After Dark—or Club Ville for the familiar—is more than just your average bar, it’s a destination. Locals and adventure seeking travelers alike flock from all corners of the world to experience island-life at its fullest. Exclusive acts, the region’s best DJs, multi-level dance floors, friendly service, and top-notch drinks—yeah we’ve got a destination for that. Five actually.

Choose between booty-shaking beats on the dancefloor with hundreds of other pulsating partiers, or take it all in from our VIP Lounge with bottle service and reserved seating.

Enjoy the Caribbean’s legendary nightlife from the island’s safest and most popular clubs. See you on the dancefloor. See you at Club Ville.

Gloucester Avenue Montego Bay, JA 876 952-4777


Artisan Village Falmouth


The Artisan Village at Falmouth is intended to usher in the start of a new kind of visitor experience in Jamaica, it will tell the story of a time when Falmouth was among the most important places in the Western Hemisphere, because of sugar and rum exports.

At the Artisan
Village at Falmouth, visitors will be re-introduced to Water Square, see the façade of Falmouth Courthouse and St. Peter’s Anglican Church, both prominent landmarks.

Here visitors will meet 43 shopkeepers, each of whom produces unique, hand-crafted, Jamaican artisanal treasures. The list of products includes chocolates, cheeses, straw items, clay items, candy, rums, coffees, spices, clothing and accessories, icecream, jerk and seafood restaurant, and much more.

Bunkers Hill Cultural Xperience

Bunkers Hill

Bunkers Hill Cultural Xperience and River Tour

With the gushing waters of the Tangle River, which flows into the Martha Brae, creating the spine of the five-acre property, this cultural enclave captures the history of Jamaica and gives one the opportunity to live and breathe its essence.

As you enter the caves on the banks of the river, for example, you can see the writings and carvings of the Taino people who once inhabited it; or hike a few miles and bravely climb the steep cliffs to a cave which sustained Cudjoe and his men in their effort to evade the British.
Beyond the caves lies the ruins of the Dromilly Great House, and the site where Cudjoe and his men ambushed British troops around 1795.

The Shoppes at Rose Hall


Loacted on Jamaica’s elegant corridor, The Shoppes at Rose Hall is only minutes away from Montego Bay’s finest resorts and international airport.

A luxurious blend of specialty retail stores featuring international jewelers, lifestyle brands & specialty souvenirs that creates an unforgettable shopping experience.  




876 Beach Club 🇯🇲 is deemed the most relaxing place you can be at any time. Enjoy the best strip of sand that line the edges of the Caribbean Sea

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