• The Reach Falls are one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls of Jamaica. A peaceful spot surrounded by virgin rain forest.

    A series of cascades tumble over limestone tiers from one hollowed, jade colored pool to another. A half mile hike up river leads to Mandingo Cave, which has a whirlpool.
  • Over 23 species of birds reside in the area, a variety of exotic birds and if you are lucky enough, you will catch a glimpse of a wild pig in its natural dwelling.


  • Nestled at the outlet of a fresh-water stream, Frenchman's Cove beach’s white sand and turquoise waters have attracted visitors to Jamaica for decades.
  • Luxuriate under a shade tree, take in the amazing view, cool off in the gentle surf, or go exploring up the river. 
  • Does the beach look familiar? It should: you’ve seen it as a film set in popular movies such as Knight and Day, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. But today, it stars you.


  • Your Hike starts at 5,200 feet with an incredible View of Kingston to the South and the Blue Mountain Coffee Fields to the North.
  • The Best Thing about this Hike is the View. Second Best Thing is that the Hike is All Downhill. The trail takes you thru the Coffee Plantations and Small Villages of the Blue Mountains.
  • See what plant can grow 2 ft. per day. Tour ends at a Beautiful Swimming Hole with a 100 ft. Waterfall. Bring your swimsuit! Easy 2 hour downhill hike

Blue Lagoon

  • Blue Lagoon is seven miles east of Port Antonio, surrounded by steep hillsides and dense green vegetation.
  • At one time, the lagoon was considered to be bottomless, but since then divers have found that it does in fact has a bottom at a depth of about 180 feet. the lagoon is made up of sea water entering from the surface; the surface of the lagoon meets the surface of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Local legend claims that a mysterious dragon or sea serpent lives in its deep, blue waters, but this of course is merely folklore and visitors need not worry about such a creature appearing when they come to see this miraculous oasis nature has created.

Winnifred Beach

  • Winnifred Beach is one of the last remaining public beaches in Jamaica, a rare combination of authenticity and beauty; the secret dream of many "First World" travelers. The Beach is also an historical community place for Portlanders where they traditionally go to celebrate events, improve health, relax and unwind.
  • Families, seniors, church's groups and tourists visit the beach regularly especially as a result of having free entry and also for the authentic, pleasant and colorful atmosphere around. 
  • During the years some residents have planted small stalls for the sale of corn, hot soups and other Jamaican well-known dishes. During the holidays there is music and activities on the beach.

Rio Grande Rafting

  • This is one way Errol Flynn used to party! Climb aboard a 20 ft. bamboo river raft for a 2-1/2 to 3 hour cruise down this beautiful slow flowing river.
  • Ask your captain to navigate your raft through a narrow passage way known as Lovers Rock. Go swimming, eat lunch on the banks of the river. Swimsuits or sportswear and sun hats are the recommended attire.
  • The Rio Grande River is one of Jamaica's largest rivers and has been used to transport bananas from the interior of the island for many years.
  • Rafting for fun was introduced by legendary Hollywood star, Errol Flynn, who made Port Antonio his home.

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