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Tourism Personality Feature

        Nicola    Madden-Greig

                                                                               icola Madden-Greig is the current
                                                                               president of the Caribbean Hotel
                                                                               & Tourism Association (CHTA) and
                                                                  N Group Director of Marketing &
                                                                 Sales at The Courtleigh Hospitality Group. The
                                                                 former president of the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist
                                                                 Association (JHTA), is widely acknowledged as
                                                                 a tourism pioneer and is a two-time winner of
                                                                 JHTA’s President’s Award.

                                                                 Mrs. Madden-Greig was honored with an Order
                                                                 of Distinction in recognition of her contributions
                                                                             to the establishment of the Jamaica
                                                                             brand on the world stage.

                                                                             Mrs Madden-Greig is a veteran of
                                                                             20+ years in tourism and has an
                                                                            impressive record of measurable
                                                                            impact and performance in the
                                                                            industry. Her experience spans
                                                                            aviation, cruise lines, attractions,
                                                                            hotels, and resorts. Notably, she is
                                                                            one of only three women to have
                      “We have proven that the                   served as JHTA President in the organization’s

                       Caribbean is safe,                        60+ years in operation.

                        can handle the demand,                   Nicola continues to lead the CHTA with optimism,
                                                                 competence, and a clear strategic vision to
                          and can provide the                    future-proof the regional tourism industry and

                       most wonderful vacation                   tackle the current challenges of air connectivity,
                               experience.”                      digital transformation, upgrading infrastructure,
                                                                 human capital development, and increased

                        -  Nicola Madden-Greig speaking          operating costs.
                        at the CHTA Caribbean Tourism
                       Fireworks conference in June 2022

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