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                                                              arts, gastronomic delights, natural wonders, and
                                                              sporting prowess among other things. The authen-
                                                              ticity of our diverse culture product continues to
         Celebrating 60 Years                                 be the strength of our brand and the reason many
                                                              of you, as visitors and travel partners, continue to
             of Independence -                                choose Jamaica every time.
                                                              Over this year-long period of celebration, we look
         Looking Back, Growing Forward                        forward to sharing our vision for the future, and
                                                              opportunities for achievement, progress, and
                                                              prosperity in the present. The world of today demands
                                                              that we place sustainability at the heart of tourism.
        Jamaica’s tourism earnings are on track               So much has changed over six decades in how
        to exceed the pre-pandemic record set                 we live, work, play, and travel. We have worked
        in 2019 by more than US$600 million.                  with stakeholders including attractions, service
        This summer Jamaica welcomed more                     providers, and communities to make our tourism
        visitors to its shores, resulting in a 20%            product responsive and responsible. Thousands of
        increase in earnings for the tourism                  Jamaicans rely on our work and your support for
        industry. This performance aligns with                their livelihoods. They benefit from the successes
                                                              we achieve together.
        Jamaica’s continued award-winning
        performance as featured in this special               As Jamaica ushers in its vision for the next 60 years,
        issue. Congratulations to the winners                 we’re excited to welcome you to join in the celebra-
        and to everyone who played a role in                  tions to mark the country’s 60th Year of Indepen-
                                                              dence through special initiatives and events spread
                        their success!                        over the coming weeks and months. These events

                                                              and initiatives will enable the millions of visitors who
                                                              hold Jamaica dear to their hearts to participate in
                    ugust 6th, 1962 marked a defining         this momentous occasion, be inspired by the big
                    moment in Jamaica’s history and its       impact of our little island, and most importantly,
                    people’s collective memory as the day     celebrate the steady progress we continue to make
        AJamaica achieved independence. Over                  toward an even higher level of tourism excellence.
        the last 60 years, Jamaica has charted a progres-
        sive path to uplifting its citizens beyond political   One love,
        independence while capturing the hearts and minds
        of people worldwide through its excellence in the     Hon. Edmund Bartlett, CD, MP

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