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                                                                  share our passion for creating the most unforgettable
                                                                  experiences for every visitor. In the current global
                                                                  travel environment, this requires a unique blend of
                                                                  skills ranging from professionalism and patience to
                                                                  knowledge, creativity, and mutual respect.
                    t is an honour to be leading the Jamaica
                    Vacations (JamVac) Limited team as Jamaica    As we continue to evolve and grow, each engage-
                    marks this milestone 60th year of indepen-    ment offers us a chance to deepen our collaboration
             I dence. As I reflect on JamVac’s journey, I am      and improve upon the past while unlocking new
             extremely proud of our achievements over the past    achievements. Our team at JamVac is grateful to
             44 years. Despite the challenges of the past three   everyone who has supported our success so far,
             years, the future remains bright and promising;      from our Board of Directors to the travel agents
             Jamaica is indeed poised for even greater levels     who partner with us, to the visitor who chooses
             of growth as the Caribbean’s Leading Destination.    our destination Jamaica every time. The journey to
                                                                  Jamaica starts long before the first step onto the
             Since 1978, we have successfully transitioned from a   cruise port or the airplane, it starts with dreams of
             fledgling team to experienced and agile professionals   travel that we’re proud to help make come true. We
             who through our work, have become a respected and    invite you to stay connected and to take advantage
             results-oriented agency within Jamaica’s Ministry of   of our insider knowledge representing the very best
             Tourism. It has been our pleasure to innovate new    of Jamaica. The possibilities are endless!
             ways to sell destination Jamaica while earning the
             trust and respect of our travel planning partners    Your Partner in Travel,
             and other stakeholders.
                                                                  Mrs. Joy Roberts
             Six words – “create accelerated growth in visitor    Jamaica Vacations Limited (JAMVAC)
             numbers” – succinctly sum up our entire mission.
             We remain committed to continuously enhancing
             our work to positively contribute to providing visitors
             to Jamaica with extraordinary experiences in a safe,
             inclusive, and world-class environment. Over the
             last two years, we have intensified our efforts to
             grow our digital presence through our newsletter,
             website, and a range of virtual trainings and events.
             At 60 years, Jamaica is a relatively young country full
             of opportunities for us to explore new ways to sell
             Jamaica in partnership with travel specialists who

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