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Take a short boat ride to Monkey Island
        or lounge and lime to the sweet sounds
        of reggae beats. Feeling hungry after
        all that adventure? Indulge in farm-to-
        fork food that will leave your tastebuds
        dancing with delight.

                                                                                  RAFT ON THE
                                                           2                Bamboo Rafting down the Rio Grande
                                                                                      RIO GRANDE

                                                                            is one of the most popular activities
                                                                            in Port Antonio among locals and
                                                                            visitors alike. This extremely relaxing
                                                                            ride lasts anywhere between 1 to 3
                                                                            hours and showcases the area’s natural
                                                                            beauty. Experienced and hospitable raft
                                                                            captains make each trip unique and
                                                                            are typically available for tours seven
                                                                            days per week. Don’t miss a stop at
                                                                            Belinda’s riverside restaurant for a taste
                                                                            of homestyle Jamaican meals with a
                                                                            very special touch.
              FROLIC AT  3


        Frenchman’s Cove is one of the
        most beautiful beaches in the
        entire world. A spectacular sight
        up close, this beach is not to be
        missed. Featuring a healthy variety
        of flora and fauna, the property
        surrounding the beach is a literal
        breath of fresh air. Spend your time
        here just relaxing or get busy to
        some music, making memories
        with your family and friends by
        the beach bar and grill.

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