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                                                             Another point of pride in this period was the resump-
                                                             tion of the Blue Mountain Coffee Festival, covered
                                                             in this issue. Well done to the Tourism Linkages
                                                             Network, the Tourism Enhancement Fund, and all
                                                             the other organizers, who delivered the perfect blend
                                                             of world-class coffee and Jamaican entertainment.
                     Planning Pays                           We remain cognizant of the connections created by
                                                             tourism to critical sectors such as agriculture and
                                                             entertainment and continue to nurture and build
                                                             on the successes and lessons learned.
                  his has been a very busy period for all our
                  tourism and hospitality stakeholders by    Our mission remains to be innovative, strategic,
                  design, not by chance. I am proud to see   and inclusive in order to deliver memorable experi-
        Tthat our core belief that planning pays,            ences through care for our environment, being
        is widely shared by our committed partners who       custodians of our culture, and always refining ways
        have courageously weathered periods of uncertainty   to deliver the signature hospitality that Jamaica is
        without losing the vision of a prosperous present    known for the world over. Every stakeholder has a
        and brighter future. Destination management          responsibility to “live our brand”.
        plans, cruise marketing training, and the general    We are happy to see the continued signs of recov-
        upskilling of the workforce continue to create real   ery with many hotels fully booked and their teams
        value for visitors.                                  busy and major flights and cruises returning from
        I commend the Jamaica Vacations Ltd team on          key markets. We remain committed to not only
        an impressive showing at the recently concluded      building back stronger but doing it all even
        Clia Cruise 360 event held in Fort Lauderdale,       better. Thank you!
        Florida. From all reports, Jamaica’s presence was
        felt and the engagement levels were very high        Hon. Edmund Bartlett, CD, MP
        during their in-demand workshop and also by
        the non-stop visits to their shared booth with the
        Jamaica Tourist Board. Congratulations!

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