Page 5 - ONLINE - JAMVAC Newsletter - 2023 FALL EDITION V.1.0
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Message from the


 Charting New   responsible travel experiences, showcasing our

 Horizons Together  commitment to preserving the natural beauty and
 integrity of the destination Jamaica.

 Your feedback and insights have been instrumen-
 tal in shaping our strategies and initiatives. Please
 s we embrace another month in our   keep them coming! We are listening, learning,
 dynamic industry, I want to take a   and adapting, ensuring that we are providing the
 moment to express my sincere appre-  support and opportunities you need to thrive.
 A ciation for your continued support and   This collaborative spirit is the cornerstone of our
 partnership.   travel community, and it is what makes our industry
 so unique and vibrant.
 We’re still on a high from our inaugural Regal
 Rewards awards ceremony where we celebrated   As we look ahead, let us continue to foster a spirit
 top-selling travel advisors for destination Jamaica,   of partnership. Together, we are not just navigating
 and spotlighted the important role they play in   the journey; we are creating it, ensuring that every
 the collective success of  the cruise industry. Travel   traveler we serve embarks on a voyage filled with
 advisors are critical partners in these times of change   wonder, joy, and meaningful connections.
 and uncertainty; their expertise provides a beacon
 of confidence and clarity for travelers seeking
 enriching experiences and unforgettable journeys.   Here’s to charting new horizons together and
 continuing to elevate the travel experience for all.

 A look at the cruise calendar featured in this issue
 reveals a busy schedule! We have a lot of work   With gratitude and best wishes,
 ahead but we also have so much to celebrate   Mrs. Joy Roberts
 and look forward to. Our recent initiatives in   Jamaica Vacations Limited (JAMVAC)
 enhancing training programs and resources are
 yielding positive results, empowering our stake-
 holders with the tools and knowledge to excel.
 Together, we are crafting more sustainable and

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