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 Jamaica is always evolving, and we continue to offer
 and showcase a slew of fresh experiences. From
 Let’s Sail into   immersive historical tours that trace the footsteps
 of legends, to adventurous hikes leading to the
 New Opportunities   unspoiled cascades of the Blue Mountains, there’s
 something new for every traveller. Our culinary
 landscape is also burgeoning with fresh farm-to-
 Together  table experiences and local gastronomy tours – a
 treat for every palate.

 This issue, we’re proud to share about Jamaica’s
 Greetings f rom the heart of the   first Cruise Procurement Expo held on August 23rd,
 Caribbean, where every sunset is a   2023 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.  This
 inaugural expo was an impressive showcase of the
 promise of another beautiful day ahead!
 I   suppliers that are poised to cater to the needs of
 diverse range of quality products offered by local

 cruise ships visiting Jamaica’s ports. We truly believe
   am brimming with enthusiasm for the
 that together, we can create experiences that are
 world of travel and specifically destination
 memorable, sustainable and deeply impactful,
 Jamaica. We have a long and treasured
 history of strong partnerships built over years
 and communities.
 and decades with  travel  advisors and other travel   while fueling inclusive prosperity for businesses
 industry professionals. This summer, we used the   Thank you for your continued support and partner-
 historic Regal Rewards Awards Ceremony, held at   ship. Here’s to crafting unforgettable journeys,
 beautiful Sandals Ocho Rios, to acknowledge the   fostering enduring relationships and celebrating
 unbeatable efforts of our top-selling travel advisors.   the joy that travel brings into our lives
 It was a spectacular event and I invite you to watch
 the recap by scanning the code on the cover of this
 Warm regards,
 Jamaica’s continued award-winning status among   Hon. Edmund Bartlett, CD, MP
 global and regional destinations is a platform for
 new opportunities for our dedicated partners
 and the people who understand how to sell our
 beautiful island.

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