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2                                                             RAFTING ON THE MARTHA

        GET YOUR GLOW ON!                                                3       BRAE.  Swap the carpet for
                                                                                 some bamboo and take a
        Where the Martha Brae river                                              eco-friendly magic ride down
        meets the Caribbean sea is                                               the historic Martha Brae river.
        where you’ll find the Luminous                                           The tour starts on a 10-foot
        Lagoon. This natural wonder                                              long raft that is similar to taking
        is the result of dinoflagellates                                         a romantic Gondola ride in
        - small marine plankton - that                                           Venice.Take a scenic tour of
        cause the water to light up                                              the thickly forested mangrove
        illuminating the pool and all                                            on the calm and quiet river. This
        other marine life at night. As one                                       3-mile long journey will offer a
        of only five other locations in                                          relaxing experience that is sure
        the world where you can see                                              to create a lasting memory.
        bioluminescent plankton, this
        attraction is a must add to your
        bucket list.


                    4                                                          BEACH DAYS. 876 Beach Club

                                                                               is a picture-perfect white sand
                                                                               beach retreat located 10 minutes
                                                                               away from the pier. One of the
        HAVE A SPIRITED ADVENTURE.                                             closest beaches to the Falmouth
        For the rum lovers, do go see       at Hampden Estate is still made    Port, do go see and enjoy this safe
        Hampden Estate, one of the oldest   the traditional way; the best part   and tranquil treasure outfitted
        rum manufacturing estates in the    - you get  to sample the quality   with a well stocked bar, showers,
        town founded in 1753. Located just     for yourself! This tour is only open   bathrooms and private change
        30 minutes from the Falmouth        to people over the age of 18, be   areas for your comfort and conve-
        cruise port, this exciting 2-hour   sure to walk with a valid form of   nience. It’s wheelchair accessible
        excursion is a great introduc-      identification.                    and there’s always friendly staff
        tion to the region’s history and of                                    on hand to make your experience
        course how rum is made. The rum                                        unforgettable.

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